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How to use our pricelists



We have decided to add pricelists to the store with the ability to search within categories. When clicking on a category you will be redirected to the appropriate products under that specific category. When clicking on a category please be patient for the products to display correctly as there are thousands of products to filter through in each pricelist. If you like you can also use CTRL F on your keyboard to enable the search bar within the pricelist. When searching for a specific product you can copy the item number or product code found on the far left of the pricelist into the google search bar to find Specifications, Images and Prices for the product in question. In this way you can compare prices by different resellers, if you find a cheaper price on the same item please email us the item code and the Pricelist number, we might be able to beat the price depending on the rand and dollar exchange. The product list is a great way for you to have thousands of products at your fingertips to filter through, when you find the product of interest with the price displayed you can email us A request quote to check if the specific product is still at the same price. We will always try to keep our prices as low as possible to give you the customer the best deal possible. For all quotes and info, you can email us at


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please donít forget to register at the ShopnCart Store with your correct delivery address.

Once you choose a product code of interest you can email us the item code and the Pricelist number to the above email address. We will add the product with all relevant information including images to the ShopnCart Store and email you an official quote, the quote must be excepted for an official purchase to be added to your account if you reject the quote, we can requote you again based on the rand and dollar exchange. Please make sure you have checked the prices of other online stores before you ask for a requote. A price difference of R100 rand will not be Requoted as we do not carry stock all stock is carried by our suppliers. We are sure that we will impress you with many of our products that are already at very low prices


donít forget to register at the ShopnCart Store



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